Labour of Love

The better we get at this, the more advice we seem to get.

“You should be delegating more”.

“Train up apprentices from the college”.

“Recruit an experienced baker to share the burden”.

In the 10 years we’ve been perfecting the sourdough craft we’ve had no end of advice from people in the industry and from loyal customers.

All of it is well-intentioned, and there are countless other bakeries heeding that kind of advice and been financially successful as a result.

Ultimately though, if you can’t run your own business the way you want to, what’s the point?

One of the many things Natalie and I share in common is a hatred of compromise. We’ve made a million loaves in ten years and Natalie and I have had a hand in every single one of them.

All the wonky ones are our fault, and all the great ones give us the proud glow that makes all the effort worth it.