New November Menu

Firstly a big thank you to all our loyal customers who have stuck with us during our change in opening hours.  We really appreciate the support.

After increasing production significantly for Fridays and Saturdays we are still selling out on both days.  So please just give us a ring if you’d like bread and want us to put it aside for you. Rosie and Ruth are well into the groove now, and (so far) the ordering system is working well.

A new menu with four new products this month.  Firstly a new Pumpkin Savoury Muffin. Pumpkin puree, organic pumpkin seeds, toasted organic hazelnuts and a touch of harissa give this a slightly spiced smoky deliciousness.

A return of an old favourite next – Gingerbread. We’ve made a few tweaks (obviously) and added some chopped, diced prunes. Haven’t worked out yet why prunes aren’t cool, but they rock in this cake. Trust us.

Next is the Cherry Ameretto cake. The Morello cherries in this one are like little flavour bombs and teamed with a slug of Amaretto and almond milk make this a deep, rich flavoured cake.

The last cake should be called Nemesis cake. I have honestly made 13 versions of this Vegan Millionaire Shorbread, and honestly it was the 13th one that worked.  I cracked the flavour early on. Loads of caramelised sugar, rich fats and chocolate in = indulgent flavour out. But soon after baking it would drip down the sides and look very sorry for itself.

Turns out making a caramel both chewy in the mouth but stable on the shelf is no mean feat.  All the non-vegan recipes were worse than no help – they promised success but only really meant more treats for the staff as none of them were sale-able. Anyway, can’t tell you how we cracked it (you’ll have to buy the book….) but we most definitely have.