New Autumn Menu

Click here for our new Autumn menu

A couple of tweaks again as we head into Autumn. A welcome return for our hearty and  wholesome Soup & Sourdough which replaces the summer-friendly Tartines until the Spring (when we swap back and Tartines return in place of Soup).

Two new toasties take the range up to 21 varieties, which is the biggest it’s ever been. Cured meat lovers will love the new Tapas Toastie with free-range Norfolk Chorizo and Salami combined with padron peppers, olives, sundried tomatoes and red pesto. Served dairy free, but you can add some Mozzarella or Feta for that full antipasti vibe.

The new Rainbow toastie offers the vegans and flexitarians among you a new option with roasted carrots and peppers, sweet cherry tomatoes, crunchy purple cabbage and our own house hummus. Simple but lovely.

Slightly under the radar is our new (vegan) Pecan Cookie. It’s been on sale a couple of weeks in “beta” mode where we’ve been perfecting the recipe every couple of days with tiny batches and micro adjustments each time. It’s now a full-time product for us and the recipe is nailed. Very happy with these. They are massively more-ish. You have been warned.

Apart from these tweaks the biggest change has been the reduction in our opening hours to concentrate on our first recipe book. We’ve had a huge amount of support from our regulars who know where we’re trying to take things – a huge thank you for understanding.

A special thank you to customers who have rearranged the day they come into town to coincide with our new hours. One customer, Chris Evans (no, not that one) delayed his trip away by one day to make sure he could buy bread to take away with him.  Respect, Chris.