Kiwi and Lime 2.0

Can bakers learn anything from software engineers?

We love the approach of continual improvement personified by software engineers. Everything can be improved and revisited and sometimes the smallest tweaks can transform a product.

We can’t say our Kiwi and Lime cake has been transformed because it was slamming to start with. But, we can’t just roll out old recipes without trying to make them better either.

We’ve given up waiting for the weather to catch up the Calendar so we’re starting to roll out the first of our Summer cake range this week with our new, revised, even tangier Kiwi and Lime cake (version 2.0).

We made this last year for a couple of weeks but by the time we’d perfected the recipe the British Summer put a stop to play and everyone was screaming for soup and winter cakes again. Bugger.

So, (maybe as a form of revenge) we’ve revisited it, made it even more delicious, and launched it while we’re still wearing gloves and scarves to work…