March Menu

It’s typically a bit quieter at this time of the year but there’s still plenty to keep us busy. We’ve been developing a few new ideas and the first of these is our Muesli Muffin which features on our new March Menu

As you might expect it’s baked with sunflower seeds, apricots, peaches, dates and almonds and it’s at the lower end of the sugar spectrum. It’s not sugar free but squarely in the “breakfast treat” category.

What you might not expect is that it’s baked with gluten free ingredients – (but don’t let that put you off).  This isn’t lovely “for a gluten free muffin”, it’s just lovely. By using Oat and Almond Flour you get a much more muesli-like muffin than you ever could from wheat flour and we’ve found a way of avoiding that funny texture you get from gluten free muffins and cakes.

More experimentation to follow. . .