Ordering bread for Xmas

Ordering turkey yes, but ordering bread?

On our first Christmas Eve in Norwich we had customers queueing outside the door at 7am whilst we furiously loaded and unloaded the final bake ready for an 8am opening. Within a couple of hours we’d sold out which was a bit embarrassing and led to lots of cross people. Very stressful. 

So last year we drew up a little order form to make sure we had a better idea of volumes ahead of time and could plan production more accurately. We handed them out to customers the week before asking people “would you like to reserve bread for Christmas?”. Now reserving a turkey is ingrained in the psyche but reserving bread? Less so.

So some reserved (and got what they ordered) and others thought ordering bread was a bit odd, and didn’t. Christmas Eve came around and things were slightly better because when we sold out again, the customers who didn’t reserve were at least cross with themselves for not ordering rather than cross with us. 

Order forms are available now; we need these back by Saturday 22nd for orders for collection Christmas Eve. 

Turkey sandwiches without great bread? Aaarrrggghhhh…….