Stress test

A big thank you to all customers for your patience over the last few weeks.

We try to focus as much on great, fast service as we do on the quality of everything we make.

We hammer home the message to new team members that customers are busy people and we all need to look lively, every day.  (We even use a slogan to try and explain it – “slow food quality, fast food service”).

But while catchy slogans are to easy to say, they are so much harder to turn into reality. Especially when it’s as busy as it was on Saturday – then you really find out how good your plans/ training/ processes are . . .

I hope we held it together for you – we are still finding a few tweaks that can smooth things out and looking to expand the team even further in the run up to Christmas.

Anyway, we are busy squeezing in the development of a few Christmas lines whilst trying to keep the quality and service levels super-tight.

In the meantime, our new Apple and Blackcurrant scones are here and flying out.

And now that I mention it, enjoying one of our scones is a great way to de-stress. . . .