The sweet spot

Sugar is a bit like sunbathing, wine and spending time on the internet. Just because some is good, it doesn’t mean more is better.

A couple of customers have mentioned that they’d like a few cakes that were sweeter than our scones, but not as sweet as our sweetest cakes.  So the next 2 cakes we’ve developed are going to swap the icing sugar topping for either something less sweet or no icing at all.

The first of these is this beauty – Plum & Pecan cake. With a cinnamon maple syrup glaze it’s still got that sweet kick but it’s a deeper, richer, kind of sweetness.

It’s hard to describe, but when Natalie and I talk about cakes we often turn to music as an analogy. Think of this as having a little less treble and a lot more bass.  And, as anyone who has passed the bakery when we’re crazily loading the oven at 5am will know, before we switch over to the gentle soothing cafe soundtrack at 8am, we do love a bit of bass…