Bakery Blackjack

I’m sure compulsive gamblers would love the bakery game.

Before we start each week we have to gamble on whether to stick with the same amount of loaves, cakes and portions of soup we made last week, or twist and decide to make more.

We hate the old fashioned bakery rule-of-thumb where everything is sold out by midday – and it’s not good business either.

If customers make the effort to visit us we don’t want to disappoint them and only have a few things left at 2pm.

The target is to have a little bit of everything left, right up to closing time. This is stupendously easier said than done.

Make more, and – you guessed it – next week we don’t even sell the same as last week, (let alone the extra we made). Make less, and we’re guaranteed to look a bunch of idiots with empty shelves at 2pm.

We got lucky yesterday with almost the right amount of everything and, as a result, had a really busy Saturday. A big thank you to everyone for your patience in being served, or seated in the cafe.

The only thing we didn’t have enough of was scones, so we’re going to make more of these for next Saturday.

So if you need two dozen scones at five minutes to closing time next Saturday and think we’ve probably sold out, take a chance and pop in anyway as we’re guaranteed to have loads left…