September Menu

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As soon as the weather changed we started being asked “when’s the soup coming back?” so Soup & Sourdough returns this month.  We’re starting off with our Mellow Moroccan soup and we’ll keep things interesting by changing the variety every couple of days. Check the board by the till for today’s variety.

Autumn cakes are on their way starting with Plum and Pecan made with Nigel Raffles’ plums. (Not those plums). With a cinnamon maple glaze this is not as sweet as our summery fruity cakes but has more deep rich flavour. Our kind of cake.

A new tartine (Feta, Salami and Olive) also joins the menu, for those nice Autumn days. A couple of tweaks round off this month’s menu changes. We’ve revamped our lovely Falafel toastie to now include Sweet Chilli Hummus, and we’ve managed to find vegan “Nutella”-type spread so that 3 out of 4 of our Breakfast Tartines now happen to be vegan.

On the bread front, we’re now switching to our “Winter” recipes which means an even wetter, stickier dough. Controlling the rise over the Summer has been a nerdy challenge and by the time we’d perfected it we’re back into cooler conditions and need to adapt again.

We also tweak the oven programmes at this time of the year because despite the technology inside today’s modern ovens with programmable baking cycles that can be finely tuned, we find that we need to add a couple of minutes to every programme when the ambient temperature is a bit cooler. If we’ve done everything right, you shouldn’t notice any major difference . .  .