Open Wednesday 2nd May as normal

The Zen Master of Zero Degrees.

In a world full of smooth talkers, wafflers and pretenders it’s truly uplifting to meet someone who is actually Extremely Good At What They Do.

I’ve only ever met maybe a dozen people in my life who fall into this category.

Most of them now run very successful companies or have found fame in their specialised field. They all have a humility for their abilities and a fascination with Getting Shit Done.

One of the dozen is the chap in the photo. He’s called Zia and he’s the Zen Master of getting fridges and freezers working again in the shortest possible time with the fewest replacement parts and least disruption to the business he’s working for.

I haven’t spoken to him in years. I called him yesterday and explained that a local company said we had to replace a lot of very expensive parts to get our chiller room working again (over £2k….), and it would take 4 days to fix.

2 hours later he set off on a 5 hour journey from Cardiff to Norwich.Cowboys and Indians

8:15am this morning, one Americano, and straight up on the ladder. Parts totalling £92 were installed and the system was re-started. Two hours later, with another £200 worth of gas recharging the system, the fridge was back down to 2 degrees, and he was back in the Merc with a couple of savoury muffins, and heading off to 2 more jobs. In Newport. And Cardiff.

Which means…. that we are producing all afternoon and this evening to open up again tomorrow as normal.

Thank Zia for that. And thanks to all our regulars for bearing with us. Everything crossed that we don’t get a repeat episode…Frozen