Closed Tues 1st May due to breakdown

Tuesday 1st May – Closed

Wednesday 2nd May – TBC  – (I will update on here and Facebook)

Thursday 3rd May onwards – Planning to be open as normal 

Firstly, a huge thank you to all our customers for being so patient with us on Saturday. You may have noticed our 2 new starters, Ruth and Lucy, who did a fantastic job coping with such a hugely busy day, and a very big week.

We had a few wobbles during the 11am-2pm time (when there were queues for tables up to the door for 3 hours solid). We are extending the team even further with another 3 new starters within the next month, so our famously efficient service will be back to its best soon – thanks for bearing with us.

On top of training new staff amid the busiest month we’ve ever had in 11 years,  our walk-in chiller broke down on Saturday (obviously, during the peak lunchtime rush).

This chiller is used for taking racks of sourdough bread as they slowly prove overnight. If this chiller isn’t working then we can’t make bread…. which means we can’t make Toasties and Tartines either . . .

And, given the sourdough overnight process, it also means that we can’t sell bread until the day after it’s fixed (if it’s fixed in the morning) or 2 days after it’s fixed (if it’s fixed in the afternoon).

We’re hoping for a fix on Monday/ Tuesday so we’re definitely closing Tuesday and planning to be open on Thursday as normal but Wednesday is all down to the engineers and parts availability. Please ring us if you are one of those customers from wider Norfolk who plans a visit to us when you visit Norwich.

No-one ever said it was going to be easy. . .