February Menu

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We get asked for Bacon a lot but don’t sell it. We sell ham and other meat products so why the anomaly?

If you’re a regular you’ll know we only buy free range or organic animal products. We don’t handle raw meat onsite, so offering bacon in the cafe means being able to source cooked free range bacon. Sounds easy?

When we opened 2 years ago we rang around all the local suppliers for samples and prices. Guess what? None of them offer it. “None of our customers are prepared to pay for it” was the reason given.

Now, if you talk the talk you better walk the walk, so if we couldn’t source it we couldn’t offer it. Bad for business, good for our consciences.

Two years on and good karma is helping us out. Paying your suppliers on time, and giving them orders in line with what you promised them means you build a bit of goodwill. So now thanks to Jamie at Archers butchers we are now able to offer Norfolk-raised, dry cured free range bacon on our menu.

We hope this doesn’t offend our loyal vegetarian and vegan customers but instead they see it as helping the cause. As more and more people become aware that free-range is important it can be the start to more radical changes in their diet. Ten years ago I switched to eating only organic meat and 5 years later I’d given up completely.

Anyway, for those of you who just visit us for the big flavour of real ingredients, just know that the bacon toasties are sensational.