In this part of the bakery there are 4 small rawlplugs in the floor which don’t seem to serve a purpose. Every time I see them, I’m reminded of the week this photo was taken. The drainage guys were about to arrive and start digging our floor drain, and with no architect, Natalie and I were marking out the exact position of the drain on the floor (using kid’s chalk). Then the builders arrived and started making a cupboard to cover the electricity board. So far so good. However when we moved the sink (brought with us all the way from Bridgend) into place, it wouldn’t fit… So the first ever completed part of the construction had to be dismantled and remade 6 inches smaller. Not a great start, but a great lesson in humility.

Anyway, two years ago this month, we felt very much “in over our heads” when we relocated from South Wales to build our new bakery here in Norwich.  But, after our busiest ever day last Saturday we are starting to feel like we’re finding that sweet spot where customers want what we’re making, and we’re making what we want to. A huge hug to everyone who believes in what we are trying to achieve and who make the trip up to Timber Hill to support us every week.