Autumn Menu

Our new Autumn menu is here. We now offer Soup & Sourdough: our own hearty soups made here from scratch, served with Chia & Flax sourdough and organic butter. The Tartines have two new lovelies: Cream Cheese & Roasted Vegetable (above) and Feta and Olive (with sundried tomato pesto). The Sourdough Toasties get yet another refresh with two new toasties (Feta & Avocado and Carrot & Courgette) and a tweak to our Mozzarella and Olive toastie (which is now on White Sourdough). Our Sourdough Scones also get the Autumn treatment with Plums & Mulberries (still vegan plus a touch of nutmeg) and our Savoury Spelt Muffins expand with a new variety (Parsnip and Peanut). Plus a few other little tweaks here and there to keep things fresh. Iteration beats revolution.