Love from Jackie

Subject: Arrrrhhhh! You're closing!

Hello Tortoisebakery
Im sad you are closing.  Have only just found you via Whole Foods Canterbury.  Loved your spelt bread but even more I loved your brownies. When I say loved, the first one I had I literally couldn’t believe how good it was.  I can’t imagine how you came up with that recipe.  I have NEVER tasted anything anywhere near as good!  I live in Tonbridge and yesterday I travelled to Canterbury in the hope of buying another brownie only to see a sign up to say you are closing.  There weren’t any brownies either.  I felt super sad!!  However, I do so understand the work/life balance having mucked it up myself and have been trying to recover from fatigue for the past 8+ years.
It goes without saying that I do wish you all the very very best for the future.
I dont suppose for a moment you would part with your brownie recipe?
Jackie XX