Love from Kt

Hi, I've been buying bread from you through Arjuna in Cambridge for a while now. 
I heard from them last week that you are shutting down. I am absolutely gutted. You bake, literally, the only bread (Emmer Sourdough) I've been able to find that my multiple allergy/intolerance son can eat. He can't have any modern wheat or spelt and all the wheat free breads contain potato starch or flour, to which he is also allergic. When we discovered your bread (I also am modern wheat intolerant, but can have spelt) and realised that Roan could eat it, it really was a breakthrough for us that I thought would never happen. 
As you can see, this news is totally devastating for us, I'm writing really in the vain hope that you might reconsider if you realise that your produce is so special. 
Kind regards, Kt