Usk Farmer’s Market 2nd August 2014

Fig & ApricotRather than trust the numbers, sometimes you have to have faith.

If we went purely by the sales figures in the first few months, our Fig & Apricot loaf would be forgotten by now. It's the kind of loaf that people liked the sound of, but few ended up trying.

Which raised the question – do we move onto the next thing or hope it picked up? Everyone who tried it really loved it, so we decided to stick it out and wait and see.

Months later it's now a big seller. One guy in Bridgend called Mike Crowell buys 7 loaves every fortnight. It's the only loaf he buys. And he's bought over a hundred of them…

Faith restored, we will be back at Usk Farmer's Market this Saturday, with plenty of Fig & Apricot loaves. See you there.