Usk Farmer’s Market 6th July 2013

Back from holiday and back at Usk this Saturday with me manning the stand for a change.

Stockholm was interesting for several reasons

– yes it is as expensive as everyone told us. We could almost not afford to live on just bread. Two loaves from one bakery were £12….

– coffee is huge there. Best place we found was Drop Coffee where you could try the same coffee brewed in 3 different ways (filter, espresso, brewed). (Price £8.50).

– the bakeries are plentiful but not more advanced than the handful of places in the UK who are really pushing things. The best we found was Petrus whose About us page has 3 words on it: "We bake bread". His was the only place we found making pure sourdough (no yeast). Met the owner (young, maybe late 20s, steely determined look), went backstage, talked mixers, retarders, ovens. Bought a load of his stonebaked bread, froze it and brought it home and it was still fantastic. Clever guy.

– best deli we found was the Urban Deli which was a bit like Whole Foods with a very cool restaurant which was permanently packed

– we liked Nudie Jeans which are organic jeans with a free repair service,

– everyone (and I mean everyone) drives a volvo or audi estate

Back to the glamour of the Garw Valley with a bump.

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