Alternative Grain

If you have mild gluten or wheat intolerance you may be able to eat all of our loaves, as all our loaves are free from any industrial additives and are made with less yeast and a slower rise for better digestibility and more flavour.

We now also bake 5 loaves with alternative grains to conventional wheat.

Organic 100% Emmer Sourdough 44hr Emmer Sourdough44 hour fermented 100% Emmer sourdough. No modern wheat, no yeast, bags of wholegrain Emmer flavour. Chewy texture, tight crumb, superwholesome. Probably the most flavourful of all the alternative grain breads.

Ingredients: Organic Emmer Flour, Water, Organic Olive Oil, Sea Salt


Organic 100% Khorasan 16hr Khorasan16 hour fermented small tin made with 100% wholemeal Khorasan flour (often referred to as Kamut), which is high in selenium, protein and complex carbs. A great alternative to modern wheat. Soft crumb, nutty flavour.

Ingredients: Wholemeal Khorasan flour, Water, Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Yeast.


Organic Sesame Spelt – 100% spelt18hr Sesame Spelt18 hour fermented Italian-style loaf made with 100% White Stoneground Spelt flour and topped with toasted sesame seeds. The fermentation process means we have achieved a similar flavour to our incredible Italian Biga loaf without resorting to conventional wheat.  

Ingredients: Stoneground White Spelt, Water, Sesame Seeds, Semolina (for dusting), Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Yeast.


3. Organic 100% Rye Sourdough 44hr Rye Sourdough44 hour fermented sourdough loaf made with 100% Organic Rye (wheat free). Dense, chewy and intense flavour. Great with strong cheeses or lightly toasted. None of our sourdough contains yeast.

Ingredients: Medium Rye Flour, Water, Sea Salt. 


4. Organic 100% Spelt Sourdough 44hr Spelt Sourdough44 hour fermented loaf made with 100% Organic stoneground spelt flour (80% wholemeal spelt, 20% white spelt). Silver True Taste Award winner. Makes chewy, fantastic mature cheddar on toast. None of our sourdough contains yeast.

Ingredients: Wholemeal Spelt flour, Water, White Spelt Flour, Sea Salt, Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Semolina (for dusting).