Love The Slog

Loving the slog

Back in the 90s I worked for a London management consultancy set up by some guys who left Bain & Co (Mitt Romney's lot) and McKinsey (William Hague's lot).

We used to brag a lot about how many hours we worked.

How many "all-nighters" we pulled the week before a presentation, how many weekends we worked and how many cabs we had to get home from work because we missed the last tube (which ran at midnight).

So you'd think running a small organic bakery would be much easier right?

Well, Sunday was our first day off for 24 days and we worked 29 of the 31 days in August.

Even Cyrus Jilla would struggle.

Building a business, we're finding out, is about Loving the Slog.

(And catering packs of Clipper coffee).

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