Uncle Philip’s tins


When you come from a baking family you have some strange conversations at family gatherings. Got talking to my Uncle Philip at a family birthday bash recently and we were talking about Summer holidays.

"You've got to go to Florida" he said, "fantastic climate out there, warm and humid….perfect for making bread".

"So did you manage to meet some bakers out there?" I asked -(my family has a habit of introducing themselves to anyone involved in baking whilst on holiday).

"No, not this time" he said "but I took a couple of my tins with me and baked when I was out there…"

"What, you packed your tins in your suitcase?"

"Yeah, I didn't take my own flour, what with customs and white powders…"

"But you did pack metal boxes that might look very much like some kind of device?"

"…er…yes…but anyway, the humidity was like having a prover on everywhere you went…."

A baker's family holiday checklist – wallet, keys, tickets, passport, bread tins.

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