Evil Plans

Mike making apple turnoversJust finished reading Hugh MacLoed's new book "Evil Plans: Escape the Rat Race and Start Doing Something You Love".

Inspirational book. If you dream of going it alone it's essential reading.

The only part the book doesn't cover is how do you find Something You Love?

Modern life encourages teenagers to conform, study hard, and specialise early, which is exactly the opposite of what you need to Find Your Love.

I was lucky. In between studying furiously hard for lots of exams (which would get me into Cambridge and launch my Rat Race Career), between the ages of 14 and 21 I worked in my Dad's bakery on Saturday mornings and through every school holidays.

I learned how to make everything from Pasties to Chelsea Buns; this photo was taken 22 years ago (when I was 16) making apple turnover doughnuts with "Little Kev" and Michael Bywaters.

I didn't really know it then, but I'd already found Something I Loved.

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