Organic Rice Paper Labels – a logical suggestion from Germany

Cheddar Leek & Mushroom pastie Met an interesting German couple yesterday at Usk Farmer's Market. They run an Organic & Fairtrade coffee shop in Cologne and were visiting friends in Hereford whilst taking in the British food experience.

They asked about the rice paper labels we have to put on all our products to confirm their Organic certification. I explained that we like them but they do have their practical difficulties, have a high minimum order (50,000 per design), are expensive (each order costs £500), and how we have to order them from Holland 6 weeks before we need them.

Then the German guy paused a moment and asked "Why should you have to put something on food to explain it's natural? Shouldn't it be the other way around – and you should have to label food that isn't natural?"

I had no reply. I was stumped. The logic is compelling.

Bloody clever those Germans.

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