Salt is not the enemy

White Sourdough Bulk Fermenting
Salt content in bread has been in the news a lot recently.

Everyone knows that reducing salt is good for you, but the real enemy is fast bread.

Bread which is risen quickly is cheap to produce but but has very little natural flavour, so adding more salt makes it taste less bland.

Slow-rise bread is full of natural flavour, so no there's no need for lots of salt.

You can't rush real bread.


Salt content per loaf 2011.  (FSA guidelines are 1.1% salt/ 100g)

44hr Spelt Sourdough 0.9%

44hr Rye Sourdough 0.9%

44hr White Sourdough 1.1%

18hr Biga Italian White 1.0%

18hr Segale Italian Half Rye 1.0%

16hr White Bloomer 1.1%

16hr Wholemeal Bloomer 1.1%

This is the first time we've calculated these numbers so the salt figures in the recipes were what we thought the loaf needed – interestingly, our spelt and rye 44 hour loaves have the most flavour but the lowest salt levels.  Wholegrain + slow rise = amazing flavour.

Awaiting analysis on Sundried Tomato and Kalamata Olive loaves (but at a guess these will be higher than the FSA guidelines because of the tomatoes and olives).

% Salt based on average product weights

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