44 hr Sourdough

Proof that the slower the dough, the better the bread. Our slowest fermented loaves are sourdoughs which are painstakingly fermented in 3 stages for a total of 44 hours to give sensational flavour, our trademark chewy bite and fantastic natural shelf life.44hr Chia & Flax Sourdough44 hr Chia & Flax Sourdough (above). A blend of white wheat, wholegrain wheat and wholegrain rye, this loaf is brimming with super healthy chia & flax seeds. Balanced sour and seeded flavour.44hr Wholegrain Sourdough44 hour fermented Wholegrain Sourdough (above). 100% Wholegrain including the mother culture, this loaf is a bit of a dark horse – full of sour flavour which dominates the wholemeal grain flavour. Gloriously chewy and medium open textured. 44hr Walnut Sourdough new44 hour fermented Walnut Sourdough (above).  A blend of white & wholemeal flour, and roasted Organic Walnuts. Great with all types of cheese, but best with a subtle Brie to allow the walnut to come through. Makes bloody gorgeous scrambled eggs on toast with a bit of freshly ground black pepper.  44hr White Sourdough44hr fermented White Sourdough (above)- open crumb, chewy texture, balanced sourness. 44hr 100% Rye Sourdough44hour fermented 100% Rye Sourdough (above)- dense & chewy, dark & intense flavour. Made without wheat and lower in gluten than our white loaves, this is a bit hardcore for newcomers but better than every other 100% rye sourdough we’ve ever tasted.    44hrSpelt Sourdough44hr fermented 100% Spelt Sourdough (above)- nutty and earthy, good sour kick. Made with mostly stoneground Organic wholemeal spelt flour (with some Organic white spelt flour to lighten it slightly) this beauty won Silver at the 2010-2011 True Taste awards.