18hr Italian loaves

If Sourdough is a bit chewy and tangy for you, our 18hr fermented Italian loaves have a sweeter flavour and a softer more open texture (but shorter shelf life) than our 44 hr loaves.

Our 18 hour loaves are fermented using an authentic overnight Italian Biga [“Bee-ga”], a sloppy mix of flour, water and yeast which turns into a bubbling buttery delight by the following morning

18hr Organic Ciabatta – our version of the classic Italian loaf, made with an 18hr fermented Biga for a deeper more complex flavour than most ciabatta. 18hr Ciabatta

18hr fermented Organic Rustic Rolls (below). We make these lovely chunks of Italian rolls in 3 different types – white, half-rye and wholemeal. All make smashing Posh Burgers or filled rolls. Perfect for Summer barbies and picnics. Even if it rains…18hr Rustic Rolls White

18hr fermented Integrale (below). Our Italian wholemeal blend uses 80% wholemeal flour and 20% white flour for most of the goodness of wholemeal but without the hard work texture. Hooked on white bread but want to give it up? This is the loaf for you. 18hr Integrale (Italian Wholemeal Blend)
18hr fermented Segale (below). Our Italian half-rye loaf is Biga-fermented and mixed with extra virgin olive oil to give a rich buttery flavour and a slightly sweet nutty taste. Wonky appearance because that’s just how they come out. 18hrSegale (Italian Half Rye)
Oliva Ciabatta (below)- not just another olive loaf. The base dough is based on our signature Segale loaf and we add the very best Organic Kalamata olives late in the mixing stage to allow the olives to blend through the whole dough. Great with hummus and works really well with risotto. 18hrOliva
18hr fermented Biga [“Bee-ga”]- below, is named after the ferment that gives ciabatta its distinctive flavour. In the first 16 hours it develops its lovely rich buttery taste, and in the final 2 hours, folding the dough 3 times gives it a soft, light, open texture. 18hrBiga