16hr Traditional loaves

If you’re new to slow fermented bread, these loaves are the closest we make to “normal” bread. Neither tangy like our 44hr Sourdough loaves or rich like our 18hr Italian loaves, the 16hr Traditional loaves are fantastic everyday bread containing no enzymes, flour improvers or mould inhibitors so they’re a great alternative to the ubiquitous in-store bakery loaf.

Made with the traditional British “Sponge & Dough” fermentation method where about 25% of the dough is made the day before with a tiny amount of yeast, and allowed to ferment and develop flavour for 16 hours overnight. 16hr Pumpkin & SunflowerOrganic 16hr Pumpkin & Sunflower (above)   16hr MalthouseOrganic 16hr Malthouse (above)16hr Fig & ApricotOrganic 16hr Fig & Apricot (above)